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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Top TWO Things We're Bingeing Right Now

This post contains affiliate links.

Mr. Incredible works long hours. He kicks butt at work to provide for us, and that is all kinds of awesome! But when he gets home, he's tired and needs to relax. And that's OK. And us, moms? Whether we work outside the home or not, we need a break, too! And that's OK.

It's just necessary to take time to just sit and take a minute or few. And if this can be done while spending some time together, that is awesome. And truth be told, in our house, sometimes that good ol' quality time is spent bingeing a favorite show together. 

And I haven't forgotten the need for the little ones to chill, but that's a different post for a different day. Today, I'm sharing the top two picks that Mr. Incredible and I like to binge-watch, listen to, or read on days where we can find a few minutes to chill.

1. The Flash

Mr. Incredible has been addicted to The Flash lately, and while he's been speeding through it I have kept up enough of the story line to somewhat grasp what's going on. It's our thing. I can watch it without a whole heap of commitment while he gets more invested - and fields about thirty questions every episode.

I don't know if any of you keep up with the Flash (I mean, can anybody?!), and I certainly don't intend on giving away any thing important, but my husband and I got started on the most ridiculous argument a week or so about the 'Space Time Continuum'. See? Completely redonkulous.

At some point, a character from the future comes to the present. Wreaks a lot of havoc. Ends a lot lives. Makes a whole mess. 

Finally, a character from the present takes matters into his own hands and does something to ensure that the future character never exists. Yet when all is wrapped up, the present has still been effected by the future character that has now "never existed". 

I take issue with that. I say that if he never existed then (x, y, z) should not still be a mess. Mr. Incredible says that (x,y,z) are just written in stone, but from this point on there will be no havoc from the future guy.

We cannot agree on this. 

At. All.

Married people often argue about dumb stuff. It's how we love. It's part of spending time together. 😜 

2. Beautiful Creatures series (Caster Chronicle series)

It has taken me two years to get to book four, but here I am. This series is in the YA genre, but I'm strangely okay with that. It has captured my full attention. And, why has it taken me so long to read it? I'm so attached to these characters that I don't want the story to end. 
It takes place in the South, it's rich with history and spiced up with supernatural fiction and mystery. That's probably all I can say without giving too much away. 
I'm not a history buff in the sense that I know that much, but I am a ancestry nerd. This had me stalking my own southern ancestors and two seconds away from applying to the DAR (which I plan to do anyway!). And don't get me started on all the literary references. I love this series.
Let me not forget to mention how much I loved the audio books. I'm trying to convince Mr. Incredible to give them a listen. I know he'd get sucked right in.

So there you have it, these are the top two favorites that Mr. Incredible and I are enjoying right now. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you watched or read these? Leave us a comment below, what are you reading or watching right now? 

As always, don't forget to follow us on FB and Instagram! Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm not a fan of the new comic TV series that has been trending right now... and I don't get to read a lot these days! I probably will try out the Flash though, on your recommendation. Right now I'm doing some serious bingeing on Locked Up on Netflix. lol.

    1. I hope you like it, if you try it! :D
      I'll have to go see what Locked Up is.
      Yay, for Netflick. Right?!

  2. lol@Mr. Incredible, love that. I started watching the flash on Netflix and then like everything I watch there because I will binge on it I get bored and forget about it. And yes some arguing is fun:)

    1. Yes! I know how that goes. I have a few shows that I've binged, then there was some small amount of closure, and I abandoned it for two years! lol #GossipGirl #OnceUponATime


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