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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Stuff We're Lovin' Right Now: Week 1

This post contains affiliate links.

Have you ever just gotten a hold of something, started enjoying the heck out of it and realized THIS IS INCREDIBLE!?  This post is about a handful of awesome things that we're loving lately. I've asked Pirate for some help making this list. Without further ado, here are the things that our family is loving lately!

Remember, if the words are underlined and light up in a different color, it's an affiliate link - you can use it to jump on over to Amazon and check the product out!


Oh, we cannot get enough of this movie here! Ask my six year old, and she will tell you that it's the best thing going. The villains from our favorite stories have all been rounded up and banished to their own island; but this isn't their story. It's the story of their children. The son of Belle and the Beast is about to become king and his first royal proclamation is to give the children of the evil villains a chance at a normal life.
Songs. Magic spells. Friendship. Mischief. It's a lot of fun. Pirate and I watch it almost every Friday night when we have our Girls Night.

2. Springtime 
This weather cannot be purchased, I know! But we would be liars if we didn't tell you that this has been something that we are LOVING it! Loving it with big hearts and dramatic emojis. Fresh air, sunshine and mud are all so good for us. We could just soak up that vitamin D all day long. Even the rain has been fun. As April showers bring May flowers, my girls and I have a love for playing in the rain and splashing in the water. 

3. Our Frozen bottle -aka- Zak! Designs Water Bottle (25 oz)
I found this bottle on sale at a local grocery store, and I cannot say enough good things about it! I originally bought this for Pirate. It has Anna and Elsa, need I say more?! But I will say more. I love it. We haven't had any leaks out of it, which is a big deal! 
I struggle with making myself drink enough water, but this makes it seem less daunting. It sounds crazy that a bottle would make a difference, and maybe it's the design, but it makes staying hydrated less of a chore. Even Tootsie Roll is a fan. She did make a bit of a mess, but not bad for a one year old! You can find several other designs for this 25 oz. bottle on Amazon. 

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4. Intex Snapset Pool
Our girls got this little pool as an Easter present! Super fun! It was easy to set up and easy to drain. I'll let the pictures tell the rest.
Can't wait until summer! We're going to be using this like crazy!

5. Fishing! 
Pirate and Mr. Incredible have taken to the lake. Fishing is their new favorite daddy-daughter pastime. And much to my dismay, they've actually brought a few home! There's nothing quite like the lingering smell of fish to make your house feel cozy! (Okay, it wasn't that bad. I just don't do fish - but that's a another story for another time!)

So that's what we're loving right now! What about you? Drop us a comment below, and tell us what you think.

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  1. I'll definitely check descendants out! love movies

    1. Oh yay! They've got a Descendants 2 coming out this summer! :)

  2. Your view is stunning! What a beautiful place to live.

  3. I don't have kids but I still really like the movie The Descendants. It's just too fun! :)

    I'm SO loving this spring weather too.


    1. It is so fun! They've got the sequel coming out this summer - the trailer just hit youtube yesterday! Thanks for commenting! And yes, I could soak up this weather all. day. long. :)


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