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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Bad Weather & Happy Kids

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my (Dollar Store & Amazon) links.

We have had quite the weather lately.
It will be sunny and glorious one day, and then BAM! the heavens open with rain and thunder. Weather woes light up the Facebook news feed and the power flickers.

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days. Today, not so much. Yesterday, we played in the water and the mud. Today would be a good day for Benjamin Franklin to learn something shocking.

So what do we do when the weather gets nasty, and we're stuck inside? What do we do when we're not certain the power (read: Netflix and lights) will stay on?
I'm glad you asked!

I've rounded up a list of 5 (non-emergency) things we like to keep on-hand during bad weather and power outages! These are things that have saved our sanity and kept the fun going. These may be actual items or just a fun idea. Either way, Mom & Dad have gone from zero to hero with this list!

But first, I need to say it. Always be mindful of your weather and safety! Safety first, always. Make good decisions. For realz.

FIVE Things We Keep On-Hand in Bad Weather
-aka- Rainy Day Game Changers
1. Glow Sticks
When the power goes out, nothing makes you question your environment (and your family's headcount) quite like not being able to see anyone in the dark. We can grab a pack of glow sticks at Dollar Tree. Pirate is a huge fan of glow sticks, they make life fun! I like that, in most cases, they're safer around kids than candles. I mean, don't be crazy. Don't microwave them or bite them! 😜 They've got a few different styles to choose from at Dollar Tree: bracelets, necklaces, even swords! We like this style of glow sticks for power outages!

By the way, if there's still life in your glow stick after the power comes back on, stick it in the freezer until next time! We've had glow sticks last for multiple uses this way!

2. Candles & Marshmallows
A few weeks ago, Pirate and I roasted some marshmallows at the kitchen table. You can see our post about it here! So much fun. Lots of yumminess. Lots of smiles. It's not your everyday activity. And, the best part, NO ELECTRICITY required! Perfect for the rainy power outage!

3. Board Game
Maybe it's cliche, but board games are awesome. Something about a good classic, you just can't go wrong. We were short on board games this winter. We got snow and were home bound for a wee bit. We took to the internet and DIY'd our own game of Clue! Pirate had never played before, but she loved it! You can read about that here!

4. Charged Mobile Devices
Charged devices are key! Sometimes nothing will soothe my child as well as her favorite show! It's hard to freak out over the lightening when your hypnotized by Elsa singing your jam! Did you know that there are some movies on Netflix that you can download onto your mobile devices to watch without internet? Score!
Not to mention, Pirate will happily spend hours on my phone playing her favorite games: Tom the Cat, that one Pet Rescue game, or the emergency doctor game where she performs surgeries and c-sections! (I'm being 100% real on that!)*ick*

5. Books
How could I make a list like this without including books?! These are some awesome thing that don't need electricity, don't crash, and don't need to be charged! Yes, I'm being sassy on this one. But for real, grab a flashlight and your favorite book! Our favorite book right now is Elsie's Endless Wait. You guys! It's so good. We are only in chapter three, but I cannot get over how uplifting and God glorifying this children's book is. Elsie is an eight year old little girl, who has never felt loved or been treated fairly. She is picked on and would every excuse to repay evil with evil, but instead she shows kindness and patience and the love that only comes from her Savior. On every page, we see her faith lived out. It is wonderful.

And that's our list! I hope your weather is gorgeous, but if it isn't, I hope you find this list useful! Don't forget to leave us a comment below, what do you do when the power goes out? 

As a bonus, I want to see Mr. Incredible produce a tasty cup of coffee without electricity! Anyone else? He's an Eagle Scout, I might add! Add a comment below if you want to see him do it! Tweet us @caffein8edmelly with #NoPowerCoffeeChallenge ☕☕☕

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Note: Please, always take proper safety precautions and more than common sense when using candles, lighters, fire, anything hot, anything dangerous, or anything I haven't thought of! Everything in this post took place under responsible, alert, and sober adult supervision. Seriously, make smart decisions. Future you will thank you!


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