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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Rainy Day Survival: Coffee & Coloring

This post contains affiliate links. 

We had gorgeous weather!
Sunny. Warm. Awesome.
Spring had sprung. I knew it had, it said so all over my Facebook feed. But it didn't stay epic for long. Rain and cold air came back this week! Since then, I've had a song stuck in my head that I remember from when I was Pirate's age. I may not be able to find it on youtube; but a couple of decades later, I can still hear it oh-so-clearly!

"It's raining outside and we can't go out to play; what do you like to do in the rain?"

So with it being so cold and wet outside, we opted to stay indoors. We kept ourselves warm and dry by drinking coffee, and coloring! That's right, I said coloring! It seems to be all the rage now. Grown-ups relaxing with their old childhood pastime. In fact, it's such a hit that that coloring book creators have gone wild creating new, grown-up friendly pages in countless themes! But enough of that! The best part of it all was that Pirate and I could do this together. Spending time with this kid is oh-so-important to her little heart and it's oh-so-important to us as a family.

Coloring with Pirate

And if we can spend time together without me having to cross a perilous obstacle course she has designed or hiding under the kitchen sink, I'm all for it!

Because, really. What 32 year old really needs to be under the kitchen sink?!

People get stuck. 

Anyway! We couldn't have picked a better time to be stuck indoors. I was given the opportunity to review an adult coloring book! So we grabbed some pencils, some coffee and the coloring book! Well, technically we printed out some .pdf copies - which, if you're into it, when you buy this coloring book on Amazon, it includes a free .pdf download.  

by: Jade Summer

CLICK HERE to find this on Amazon!

I was really surprised at how much detail there was to this book. It really took some time and effort to color every piece. And if you enjoy coloring, that's a great thing. 

It was nice to just sit and chill
Drink my coffee and color a picture with my girl

Pirate lost interest pretty quickly and flipped her paper over to draw on the blank side, but she is 6 years old. Still, I think it was a win for us! Inexpensive. No back spasms from being stuck under a table. If you're into coloring, be sure to check this out on Amazon. The author has soooooo many more books to choose from! 

Drop us a comment, how do you spend your rainy days? What's your favorite indoor activity with the little ones in your life? 

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