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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

A Tale of Some Bears: DIY Gummies

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"Oh, I'm a Gummy Bear. Yes, I'm a Gummy Bear. Oh, I'm a yummy, tummy, funny lookin' gummy bear! Oh yeah." 

That is the heart of was is playing in my house right now!

Who doesn't love Gummy Bears? Whether it's the candy, the song, or the TV show from my childhood, there is nothing but love - at least that's the case in my house!

There was a knock on our door Thursday; but as soon as I answered it all that was waiting on me was a box. But not just any box. A magical box with the words Amazon Prime written on it. Inside, was this silicone bear mold! Perfect for ice, chocolate, or those yummy little gummies!

Pirate did a spectacular un-boxing video. I'll link it here as soon as I get it posted. In the heart of full disclosure: it may not be today! 
I'll try. #momlife

How cute are these? I got them from a seller named Alpha & Sigma. I actually received them at a discounted price*, but knowing now how much we enjoyed this product, I feel the price tag is worth it! 

Every so often, Mr. Incredible has to work on a Saturday and we end up home bound. I wanted to make sure we had a fun day, so it was the perfect day to play in the kitchen.

Once we got Tootsie Roll down for her afternoon nap, and one trusty google search later, we landed at Skip To My Lou where she had this amazingly easy recipe for Gummy Candy. 

You guys! 
We followed it to a tee. It was perfection. 

I'm thinking it took us under twenty minutes to get to the point where we were filling our bear molds. I feel like we made really good time, considering in that time we ended up rescuing Tootsie Roll from her nap time (she wasn't feeling it yet!), and played some soccer. 

Truth be told, there's some potential for 'messy'. And by "some", I mean a lot of potential for messy. But where there's a mess, there are things like memories and love. 

Then we stuck it in the fridge for the shortest 20 minutes known to man. Really, it was closer to 15. We couldn't wait! The little bears popped out of the silicone so, so easily! And they left absolutely no residue behind.

Look at that little guy! Pirate was beside herself in love with this activity. She packaged some up for her grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousin; she ate a handful of them, and we called this a WIN for today! I couldn't have been more pleased with how this all came out!
All the sweetness and chewy texture was there. They were a little sticky, but that was fine. It didn't take away from these little bears' awesomeness at all.

A few details before I forget: 
We were able to full about 70 of the 100 empty little bear spots.
When the mixture cools, it firms up. We stuck it in the microwave for about 15 seconds to reheat and soften it. We had no issue with it.

And, that's it!

What did you think? Leave us a comment, what's your favorite candy? Have you ever made gummies with a mold? What should we try next?

As always, come back for more! Like us at Caffeinated Melly on Facebook so you don't miss anything! 

* I received this at a discounted price, but nothing was required of me in return. I do not owe this company a review, a blog post, my firstborn child, or anything else. I am happy to review this product for the fun of it, my opinions are always my own. 


  1. Looks like they turned out great. I remember my pinterest fail of making homemade fruit snacks with a lego man mold lol. Your gummy bears look super yummy! -Breyona Sharpnack

  2. These look like so much fun! My boys would love to make these :)


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