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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Happy Monday!

This post contains affiliate links.

I had originally planned something different for today. But alas, Monday has gotten the best of us and here we are. 

I really hold very little animosity toward Monday. I think that the day of the week comes with a bad rap. Let's hope I don't sound like an inspirational cat poster, but I think a lot of how your day is comes from what you make of it. Intentionally.

Our mornings start before the sun comes up. Pirate has to get up at 5AM to get ready for school! I usually make us both coffee. Then showers and breakfast. Packing her lunch. Putting her shoes on. Making sure she hasn't forgotten anything, and out the door we go. And a big fat yes, my 6 year old drinks coffee. Did I mention how early she gets up?

Usually, this is when I get to snuggle up with Tootsie Roll and go back to bed. However, this morning she had an appointment with her pediatrician. Wake the baby. Feed the baby. Dress the baby. Find my wallet. Rush through the gas station. Sign in at the doctor's office. And...... wait.

By the way, whoever invented these toys (below) for the little ones was a G E N I U S! Tootsie Roll thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then again, she only discovered sliced bread a few days ago!
My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube
Click HERE to see it on Amazon!

Her fun was cut short, though. Shots! Tears! Bandaids! This girl was having none of it. Her healthy little lungs made her point clear. It was barely after 9am, and Monday had been a beast!

Why did it have to stay that way? There's no rule saying that just because there are sticks in the road that you have to run off into the ditch? Life happens.

That's what this was. A stick. But we were going to make the best of the day we had been given. We were going to enjoy things we loved; not wallow. A happy bucket list for our Monday emerged.

I was in desperate need of caffeine. Desperate. Need. I ran through McDonald's and got myself a chocolate chip frappe. With an exaggerated ten pounds of sugar per ounce, I no longer worried that I'd fall asleep driving. Also, because chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

We got home and binge watched the Wiggles. Kicking and screaming turn to bouncing and laughing. Say what you will about The Wiggles; they bring Tootsie Roll immense joy. And joy was what we were seizing!

You know you need to check the Wiggles out! 
Click here to find this on Amazon.
Tootsie Roll devoured some cereal and snacks, I had some lox and bagels. Because yum. And all was right about our Monday.

We had to regroup. We had to find the good. We had to be grateful. We had to make more coffee. And suddenly, our Monday was actually something to write home about.

Leave a comment below, what's your morale booster when the day goes awry? 

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