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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Family Friday: D I Y Game of Clue!

I'm super psyched about this post! It's been in the works for about a week now, and has been a labor of love.  

Mr. Incredible works long hours, so family time has to be found and seized! Hopefully, this will be the first in a weekly series called Family Friday. True, I'm not posting this one on a Friday. But as it turns out, the timing turned out to be perfect as we are SNOWED IN!!

Without further ado, I give you: 
The Game of Clue: DIY STYLE!

Nothing says family time like sitting around the table, accusing each other of murder! Clue is a game that is older than tablets and apps. It comes from my childhood, but Mr. Incredible and Pirate had never played before.

Pirate loves few things more than a good craft, so I wanted to see if we could use the wonders of Google (and our printer) to make our own. Originally, I had planned on personalizing it by making family and friends into the suspects. But I thought I’d better keep it simple this time. As soon as Pirate heard that I had a project to do, she was all in!

After everything was printed, it took Pirate and me about thirty minutes to make. I’ll show you how we did it!

I do not own this game or any of these printable files, nor do I offer them on this site. I will, however, point you to where I found mine: Google.

I started this project by searching Google for a few things:
a)    Rules for Clue

Time to start!

#1. You will need:
     1)  Print outs of:
a.     Clue Rules
b.    Clue Board game (enlarged to fit on 4 pages)
c.     Suspect/weapon/room cards
d.    Miniature version of suspect/weapon cards to be used as token (not pictured)
e.     Detective notebook pages 
         2)    Two manila folders
         3)    Tape or glue (we used tape)
         4)    Scissors / paper cutter (if you just happen to have it!)
         5)    A six sided die to play.

#2. Tape the two manila folders together to make a large square. This will be what you assemble the board on.

#3 and #4. Cut off the excess white border from around of the play area. It will make assembly easier.

#5.  Assemble!  Put the board together. Line the edges of the paper with the seams of the manila folders. This will make it easier to fold up and put away. Tape, tape, tape! We used a lot of tape to attach the board to the folders. Check to make sure it folds up easily.

#6. Cut out the clue cards, tokens and detective notebook pages.

And… THAT’S IT!!! Let the fun begin!

Playing was a blast! The point of the game is pretty simple, collect clues and find who murdered the host. Pirate, six years old, caught on quickly and needed very little help. Playing against Mr. Incredible, though, was not so simple! As it turns out, he’s a tricky super sleuth!

Pirate can’t get enough of our game of Clue!  In fact, she’s asking to play it right now. I imagine we’ll be playing this until the snow subsides and school reopens.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we have. 
Comment below, what is your favorite family game? 
What you do when it snows?

*Note: I let my child use the paper cutter because she has a lot of practice and adult supervision with it.  It’s sharp and potentially dangerous, make sure to use good judgment when deciding what supplies you use. Especially when kids are involved!


  1. How fun! I love that you were able to turn it into a craft project too.

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      It's been a big hit here!

  2. This wonderful post was featured on You're the STAR blog hop last week:
    Thank you & please link up your most recent posts!

  3. Thank you for this. Justa favour please, could you send me the templates you used for printing the board and cards? Thanks. Email-


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