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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Breakfast at Tiffany's and the New Year

I love watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. To me, it's the perfect New Year's movie.

I won't take on the challenge of doing a movie review. I'll say that it's a fun and girly move about "faking it till you make it" into a the lifestyle you want!

It made me laugh and pull out my make-up. I think that if  Audrey Hepburn's character had been a real person, and in this day-and-age, she'd have her own YouTube channel and about a zillion subscribers.

Halfway into the movie, it's revealed that Holly Golightly is not quite who she appears to be. Her real name is Lula Mae and she is from Tulip, TX. Anyway, she is just trying to make a new life for herself!

Isn't that the essence of New Year's Resolutions? Picking at what we wish was different about our life and kicking it to the curb. Nielsen took a poll last year of the top resolutions. At the top of the list were health goals. People want to feel better. A bit below those were financial and organizational dreams; scattered through the poll were relationship and entertainment goals.Hilariously enough, there was even a noticeable percentage who intentionally refused to make resolutions. The common thread in it all? New Years. New Years feels like a tangible 'do over' date with a clean slate!

Neilsen's New Year's Resolutions Poll
Neilsen's New Year's Resolutions Poll (2015)
It is no secret that millions of these goals are made in vain every year. Maybe a goal for the sake of the New Year being NEW just isn't a genuine motivator in itself.

Real and lasting change has to come from something more than a just fresh calendar. I'm sure we could get super deep with this, but I won't.

I'll sum it up in this: if you're wanting your resolution to last, be picky with what you pick and make it something that's real to you.

Don't be afraid to go big. 

Pick something that will keep you going and bring you joy.

Be your own version of Holly Golightly and grab the life you want.

If all your other resolutions are short lived, kindness and caring never go out of style and they go further than you'll imagine. Nobody knew that better than Audrey Hepburn herself.

Happy New Year!


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