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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

"I will drink milk re-pom-sim-bly."

I had just gotten off the phone with my brother when I hear Pirate coming up the stairs, "arrrrgh!!!" 

"What's wrong, baby?" I get up and I see that she is holding her plastic cup FULL of milk, she spilled a little bit on the first step. "It's OK, I'll clean it up! It's just milk." I tell her.

She had gotten thirsty and had seen me on the phone. So she went down to the kitchen, got her cup, poured her milk, put it back WITH the lid on, and closed the fridge door. All with minimal spilling. I WAS SO PROUD! I told her so thoroughly! I bragged to her daddy. I bragged to her. I bragged to myself. 

About a half hour later, I'm laying down chatting with Mr. Incredible and I hear this puddle-y, splashing sound in the living room. I bolt out of our room and to my jaw-dropping surprise, I see a puddle of milk on the floor. I see her cup, a water bottle, and a few little lids and plastic tea cups. ALL. CONTAINING. MILK. 

Then.... I see the gallon of milk that we opened this morning. No cap, half empty. And where is my child? Pouring and drinking her milk like a little waitress. "Husband!!! I'm going to need help," I call.

She sees my shock and squeaks out, "I'm sorry!"
I forgave her, and after we had put some towels down I called her over to myself.

As I held onto her, our little chat went something like this:

"Come here, baby. It's OK. I love you very much.I'm very proud of how big you are, and how you can get your milk all by yourself.  
But with great milk power comes great milk responsibility.
Do you know what responsibility means?"
Pirate: "I don't know." 
"It means that when we're big enough to be in charge of the milk, then we have to be very careful with it. We have to make sure that it stays safe, and that we don't waste it. 
So we're going to have some very special milk rules. Are you ready to hear them?
1. If you want some milk, you have to ask Mommy or Daddy first.
2. You can only pour your milk into the cup that we say is OK.
3. We can't waste the milk. There are little kids somewhere that don't have milk to drink.  
Can we remember these?"   
Pirate: "Yes." 
Can you say, "I will drink milk responsibly."? 
Pirate: I will drink milk re-pom-sim-bly. 
I love her receptive little heart tonight. She is just such a little treasure. There will be no crying over spilled milk tonight.

Let me tell you... my husband has never been so proud of my mad parenting skills. He was listening from upstairs and smiling through the entire little lecture.

Can anyone tell me who I quoted? I did, of course, add the word milk where it was necessary. How great is it that kids don't come pre-programmed to know when you're ripping off great lines rather than being completely awesome on your own.


I love this age. I love this life.


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