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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Swirly Cupcakes

A few days ago - let's call it Tuesday - I woke up with a plan. I was going to Betty Crocker my way around the kitchen and rock my family's world. I had come across a very intriguing recipe via Pinterest and decided that this was going to be breakfast. Mr. Incredible wasn't up yet, but Pirate was. So I sat her in front of Super Why! and got started. 

What comes next is the true story of how I made Swirly Cupcakes (also known on Tuesday as Breakfast Cupcakes). These Swirly Cupcakes are no plain-Jane baked good; these contain what all [my] dreams are made of: sugar, butter and vibrant color! The Pinterest link was a dud, but it had a great picture and the description was good enough that I was able to improvise.

My good friend Google supplied me with a recipe for Plain Vanilla Cupcakes. So I followed the directions and tried to fight the temptation to taste the batter.

I lined my cupcake tray with these shiny metallic liners that Mr. Incredible brought home a little while back. 

I filled the liners with the yummy cupcake batter. I actually overfilled them, my recipe was actually meant to yield 18 cupcakes, but my pan could hold 12. It didn't hurt them any!

This is where it gets fun.
I put a dab of food coloring in each cupcake and swirled it around with a knife until it was... well... swirly!

Seriously... how cool does that look?!

Finally, I baked it. My instructions told me to put them in for 15-18 minutes, but Google hasn't met my oven. She cooks a little fast.
About 12 minutes later, I had these.
It was time to wake the husband and grab the pirate.  

ME:  Mr. Incredible, do you want to get up?  Are you hungry?

MR. INCREDIBLE:  What did you make?

ME:  I made Breakfast Cupcakes.

MR. INCREDIBLE:  .......what?

ME: Breakfast Cupcakes!

MR. INCREDIBLE: um.... what's in them?

ME:  Flour ... Sugar ... an Egg ... Milk ... Baking Powder ... Salt ... Butter ..

MR. INCREDIBLE:  What makes them Breakfast Cupcakes?

ME: Because we're eating them for breakfast. :)

I'd love to add that as a family we regularly eat healthy and nutritious meals.
This was a treat that generated smiles and happiness. 
And that's OK. 
I'd also love to add that there were none left by dinner!


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