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Proverbs 31 - Bible Study

Last week sometime I came across something very exciting - to me, anyway!
On one of the blogs I follow, Confessions of a Homeschooler, a post caught my attention about a bible study - online, printable, and free! All words I like.  (Go here to see it!). And what was the icing on the cake? It's on Proverbs 31.

I was telling my Mr. Incredible last night, (as we were driving the baby around town at 1am trying to get her to sleep), that I love Mrs. Proverbs 31. 
What am I talking about? Proverbs 31 is about a "wife of noble character", and what makes her noble and good, how she blesses her family and husband, and why she the bible says she is to be praised.
 Let me give a quote from the first day of reading in the bible study:
"Once upon a time there was a prince who would one day be a King. While he was young his mother wisely trained her son on how to find a virtuous wife. She went through the alphabet one letter at a time giving him attributes that he was to seek out in his future wife. Using the alphabet in this manner made it easier for her son to remember and even perhaps memorize what he was looking for in his dream wife. And thus, we have the writings of Proverbs 31 – except this is not a fairy tale!"   taken from the e-book: Proverbs 31: One Virtue at a Time, pg. 5
I know some women who find her overwhelming, and even feel inadequate reading about her. But to me, it's different.  I find such encouragement in this chapter. It gives me hope and it gives me instruction of what in the world I'm supposed to be striving for. And since it's scriptural, I believe that it is possible and it is what is required of us. And I re-learn everyday that being this kind of wife is not something to be done in my strength, but in Christ's.

As a young wife and mother, I am bombarded with different ideas about what is important. I am surrounded with different methods for parenting and ways to make my marriage more significant. Not to mention, all the different theories of what will make my life as a woman in 2012 more significant and meaningful. And none of these items, in and of themselves, are a bad thing. But I find that it is far too easy to lose sight of what God's word has to say about the subject. 

I pray that rather than 'conforming to the pattern [of the wives and mothers] of this world', that I would learn what the bible says a wife is to be. I want to be THAT for my husband, and THAT for my daughter.

So, I ramble when I get going..

I really look forward to this bible study. If you feel so lead, please check it out! You don't have to be a part of the online group to do this, (we just finished week 1) but it's really cool. 

To find this bible study, let me just point you in the right direction. 
Also get it here (directly from the awesome authors): Women Living Well  and  Good Morning Girls

p.s. These ladies also offer wonderful and helpful things on their site about homemaking, recipes, homeschooling, and all sorts of good stuff. :)


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