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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Quick & Easy Sugar Container

I love coffee.
Coffee makes me feel like a grown-up in the  middle of Phineas & Ferb and Blue's Clues.
Coffee often needs sugar.
Until yesterday, I faced a small annoyance.
If I was to put sugar in my coffee I had to get the 10-lb bag down from the top of the fridge and scoop my sugar from there.
Tuesday, I was in the Dollar Store and found a little sugar jar (like they have in restaurants) and thought about getting it. But didn't.

So there I was, little Miss 5-foot-3-inches when I stand up straight, straining to get the sugar from the shelf above the fridge realizing that if I didn't find something soon, this would inevitably end in a sweet sugary mess on the floor. The kind of mess that my child would spot from a mile away and dive into before I had a chance to clean it up. And all this would happen in slow motion while I'm yelling, "Nooooooooooooo!" Something had to be done!!

The Solution:

Do you have a jar of Parmesan? Don't throw the lid away when you're done with it! The lid will fit perfectly on a regular sized canning jar!

Luckily for us, Pirate found the Parmesan in the fridge earlier this week and emptied it out onto the floor. I hadn't gotten rid of the jar yet; I fished a canning jar out of my pantry and screwed them together. A perfect fit!
Full of sugar.
And we lived happily ever after!


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