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Mr. Incredible's Window Sill Onions

I have to take a minute and brag about my cool husband, Mr. Incredible. He will be the first to tell you that his brain is a storage unit of useless random information. I think he's definitely correct that his head is a receptacle of random and unique info, but it's far from useless!

About a week or so ago, we bought some scallions (green onions) at Ingles. We chopped them up and used them in a recipe and I never gave them another thought.

A few days later, I noticed that Mr. Incredible had set a little bowl in my kitchen window sill. In the bowl was a little bit of water and the white pieces from the scallions.

 ME: Hmmm... that's interesting. But, it's little and not messy, so I don't really mind.

I went back to whatever it was that I was doing. A few days later I looked at it again and there were green shoots popping up. And a couple days later, they were longer and growing like crazy!

ME: Mr. Incredible, you know your little thingies in the window sill are growing?!

That is when he told me about his project. "My grandmother was always able to take something, put it in water, and watch it root and grow. I've always wanted to try that. We may not have to buy green onions too often - dependent on how these do."



I just thought this was cool, have a great week!


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This post contains affiliate links. We are not decaf drinkers here.
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