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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

Pirate loves to hide. If there is a closet, a cabinet, a blanket, or a box, she will find a way to hide. It's her thing. This morning I heard knocking and banging coming from her room. 


Off I went to rescue my child from whatever terror laid in store for us. Maybe she had  trapped herself under her old pack-n-play. Maybe she climbed on top of her dresser and couldn't find a way down. Maybe it was worse.... Did zombies have my baby?  I've been told I have an overactive imagination, great thing for an overprotective mommy like myself.

"MAMA, HELP PLEASE!" The knocking and the banging continued. It only took me under 30 seconds to get to her. Knock, knock, knock. It came from her closet. I opened her door and there stood my two year old, smiling brightly, not even scared.

"Thanks, Mommmm! ... HIDE!"

She re-shut her door and started knocking on it again. Pirate's closet door, for some reason, is the only door in our hom…


A lady in my bible study posted this and I wanted to share it with you today.
"Should we not do all things- including giving thanks- to the glory of God? And God is not glorified if the foundation of our gratitude is the worth of the gift and not the excellency of the Giver. If gratitude is not rooted in the beauty of God before the gift, it is disguised idolatry. May God grant us a heart to delight in Him for who He is so that all our gratitude for His gifts we be the echo of our joy in the excellency of the Giver." John PiperI love the chunk of truth that it is. 

Hello, again!

Oh my gosh, where have I been the last several weeks? I've barely been on Blogger, that's for sure! I have to say, I've missed it. 
Pirate and I just got back from a week of sunshine, sand and water. It was wonderful.We came back to the harsh, chilly reality of winter - but the comfort of being home and together as a family makes it all better!
I thought I'd share a few warm, sunny pictures of our vacation with you while I try to get back in the swing of things and start blogging again.

Thanks for sticking with me! I hope wherever you are, you're having a safe and wonderful week.

Getting Involved: Ancestry

I love genealogy. I love trying to piece together the puzzle of how my family came to be. 

I know that I've grown up in the internet age where uncovering key details is a matter of knowing what and how to search; and the farthest I have to travel for information is to my kitchen table.

I can utilize Google to no end, search databases and forums, Ancestry websites abound, public records are easy to see, and there are even families with their own family tree blogs. 

I think today's searching is about being creative and relentless. It's nearly impossible to not take technology and how easily accessible information is today; but every speck of info that is out there was typed up and uploaded by somebody.  

I was on today when I saw something asking for volunteers to "make more of these records searchable online, so everyone can find their ancestors. This same volunteer indexing effort made the 1940 US Census available for searching within five mon…

Santa? You're EARLY!!!

It's September.  It is the ninth month of a twelve month year.  Summer has just barely ended.  Do you want to know what I'm seeing in the stores?! 
-- gasp! -- CHRISTMAS STUFF!!!
I have a pretty consistant routine each year, and it starts when I see Santa Claus waltz in front of the Macy's store at the end of the parade - He brings in the Christmas season! 
Last year, I really struggled to get into the Christmas spirit. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade came and went. I saw Santa but I felt more like the Grinch and the holidays - and almost everyone else - could shove it. In retrospect, I might have{definitely}needed to read my bible more and visit a tanning bed for some Vitamin D.
I remember it already being December. I was sitting in McDonald's on my laptop sulking about all the Christmas decor that I couldn't have and the fact that we didn't have our own place to put a tree and over-decorate with tinsel and lights. We were still living with the in-laws at the…

Exciting Bible Studies.

In the spring, I "stumbled upon" a blog by the name of  Women Living Well. It is written by a Christian lady by the name of Courtney. She is a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, a bible study leader, a blogger and I'm sure much more. 

When I say I stumbled upon this blog, I want to make it very clear that I don't actually believe my seemingly random internet searches really deserve the credit; I'm a firm believer that God is Sovereign over the biggest and smallest things - including Google searches.

Where am I going with this? You'll see.

The Lord's timing is quite perfect. Quite often I unwind by sitting in front of the computer and looking up whatever pops in my head: potty training, bread recipes, mom hairstyles, bible studies, GPS trackers for toddlers, sewing pattern, etc. You get the point! So there I was Google-ing and blog-hopping, and I found this Proverbs 31 Bible Study through another blogger I follow. It started that Monday. (I blogged about it when I …

Swirly Cupcakes

A few days ago - let's call it Tuesday - I woke up with a plan. I was going to Betty Crocker my way around the kitchen and rock my family's world. I had come across a very intriguing recipe via Pinterest and decided that this was going to be breakfast. Mr. Incredible wasn't up yet, but Pirate was. So I sat her in front of Super Why! and got started. 

What comes next is the true story of how I made Swirly Cupcakes (also known on Tuesday as Breakfast Cupcakes). These Swirly Cupcakes are no plain-Jane baked good; these contain what all [my] dreams are made of: sugar, butter and vibrant color! The Pinterest link was a dud, but it had a great picture and the description was good enough that I was able to improvise.

My good friend Google supplied me with a recipe for Plain Vanilla Cupcakes. So I followed the directions and tried to fight the temptation to taste the batter.
I lined my cupcake tray with these shiny metallic liners that Mr. Incredible brought home a little while back…

Book Review: Loves Times Three

Love Times Three:
Our True Story of A Polygamous Marriage
by: Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie Darger
Love Times Three is a true story without an ending. Written by polygamists themselves, the reader is given a glimpse into "plural marriage" as lived out inside and outside of the Darger house.
I picked this book up at the library a few weeks ago. I really wasn't sure what to expect; I will say that while I do not share their beliefs that didn't stop me from being fascinated by their story and family dynamic. 
Their book really gives a unique perspective to what I imagine is one of America's least advertised lifestyles. It starts in the beginning with their own childhoods and growing up in polygamist culture of Fundamental Mormonism; it continues with their ever growing family, their joys and their burdens, and how they live a polygamous lifestyle in modern America.
Of course, it's a wee bit more complicated. Let me throw in some background information. In Utah, wh…

School of Mommy

Parenting:someone should really write a book about it!
I'm going to sound cliche for a moment, forgive me. I've learned more things in the last 22 months than I have in my entire life. I'm not talking about quantity of new facts - though I could probably make a decent argument for that as well - but I mean real, hearty, and significant details that are necessary for daily life. It's amazing the extra compartment that God has given my mind to store all the random Pirate-related items.

1. Don't leave the coffee cup unattended or within Pirate's reach. Also, Pirate's reach is ALWAYS much higher than you think it is.

2. Messes are easier to clean up than hurt feelings. Even when it's flour. 

3. Other people will have opinions and they will outnumber you. At times, it will be overwhelming and frustrating. I've learned the hard way that I should handle their well-intentioned concerns and opinions with more grace and tact then oozing wrath and adrenaline.�…

When Life Hands You Lemons...

I was talking to a friend of mine who is going through a difficult time, and I had to fight the urge to recite the cliche and practically useless advice we're often given:  "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!"
Is that suggesting that when life gets rough, we need something to drink? (lol). I don't know about you, but as much as I love lemons, I would much prefer drinking something else. Which leaves the question, what should we do with the lemons?  Revitalize your wooden cutting board. I watched a lady do this on youtube. To get rid of the smell and help sanitize the cutting board, cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the board. That is certainly a whole lot child-safe then using mass amounts of bleach like I've been doing. Deodorize your garbage disposal. If you've been blessed with a garbage disposal, you can use lemons to help with the stink. Save leftover lemons and toss them down the drain. Can I say it? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Whiten your c…

Beautifying your Pics

I was introduced to a very free, very easy, very awesome online photo editor when Pirate was still a tiny thing! I just wanted to share it with you.  Let me present Be Funky!

A Precious Potty Moment

Our little Pirate makes us laugh! As we watch her grow and react to the the world around her, from her point of view and understanding, we are constantly amazed. Pirate takes delight in caring for her stuffed animals and dolls(we call them all her "babies"). She will hold them, love on them, give them kisses and make them "go night night". From sharing her diapers to sharing her food with them, this little girl loves her babies. Part of her morning routine, before I will pick her up over the baby gate at the entrance to her room, she has to go get her sippy cup of water from the night before. Countless are the times she has come back carrying her bottle and an armful of babies. If she can get me to hold some for her, she generally goes back for more.  No baby gets left behind!
What makes me think of my little girl with her babies? I'm glad you asked! I walked into the bathroom tonight and this is what I found: 

How sweet and precious of this little child to take…

If you water them, they will grow!

It's been HOT! Water the plants. Water the toddler! I couldn't capture her smiles in time, but she loved it!

Seeds, Dirt, Love.

What better way to know what we're eating then to grow it ourselves! My husband is the diligent gardener and I, his helper, am the diligent water girl. 

Let me start by sharing this verse that I found during this gardening experience. One day, if God is so gracious to allow it, when we have our own house with a large garden I'd like this on a nice wooden sign. (I've got big dreams!)

"So neither the one who plants 
nor the one who waters is anything,
but only God, who makes things grow."
(1 Corinthians 3:7)

When my Mr. Incredible started putting our garden together this year, I was skeptical.  We moved into an apartment in December and I didn't see how we were going to be able to grow much of anything when we didn't have any ground to plant it in. I was worried that we were going to take up too much space. I didn't know what the neighbors were going to think of the fish fertilizer's lasting aroma. I worried about the water bill. And the list went on an…

I love Bacon

Anyone who has known me for any length of time more than likely knows of my great love for the crispy, salty, delicious piece of pig! There's just something so right about the sizzling unkosher delight. 

I've heard it called the "gateway meat" for vegetarians. I was raised Seventh-Day Adventist; and until I was 15 I was sheltered from things like bacon, lobster, shrimp, sausage -- the list goes on. So when I had my first taste of the Three Little Pigs, I was hooked!

Where did that come from? Mr. Incredible and I have been talking about our eating habits lately and what changes we'd like to make. I found a very good menu planning site for busy families: Once A Month Mom. This site provides menus for anywhere from a week to an entire month, you can make it all in advance and freeze it, and pop it in the oven as needed. Saves time, money and you know you have meals already - for us, cutting the temptation to pack up and drive to McDonald's!

They have at least si…
My daughter is such a cute piece of art!

Grandpa George Kulick

Don't let me forget!!
Check out these other wonderful blogs!


The last couple days/nights have been nuts at our house. Pirate has started teething again and her sleep schedule (and subsequently ours) is ALLLLLLLLL messed up!

Next week looks like a big week for us. I plan to continue my Ancestry post with sharing a few little tricks that I've learned along the way, I might post about our garden, I'll attempt to get mass amounts of red crayon off my living room wall,  and who know what else!

Have a great weekend!

Look at those teeth! 
And that's not even 1/4 of them! I love my smiley girl!