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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. Can you imagine a better way to start the Christmas season than waiting in line for six hours for a $2 waffle maker - only to have to go Street Fighter on the 83 year old woman in front of you who just snagged the last one? Peace on Earth and goodwill toward man, indeed!
This year, the plan is to make as many of our gifts as possible. Not only does a homemade gift mean a lot, but it also helps the budget.While I would love to blog about the gift making process, it's  not going to be feasible this year. We don't have wi-fi at home yet. 
Google, Youtube and Pinterest are great places to find ideas and inspiration! So check those out, grab some coffee and Christmas music, and get that Christmas list checked off!

Hope you all had a safe Black Friday and didn't get pepper sprayed or tazed. 


Happy Thanksgiving

I'll keep this short and sweet:  Happy Thanksgiving!

Frugal is the New Glamorous!

My husband and I didn’t have gobs of money lying around when we were newlyweds, much less now that our family is growing.  When I got pregnant, it seemed like I spent endless nights Google-ing how to cut costs and s-t-r-e-t-c-h the paycheck a little more.  At the time Mr. Incredible was looking for work, and I was working as much as I could at a restaurant.  With a great lack of enthusiasm, we ended up moving out of the house we were renting to move in with his parents. It didn’t feel like we were frivolous with our money to begin with. But with the baby on the way – with dreams of making our new living arrangement as temporary as possible – we really had to dig deep and pull a monetary miracle out of our bums.

The first thing we decided was to cloth diaper our baby.  Prior to researching cloth diapers (CD), the idea was foreign and ridiculous to me. Seriously, God made Pampers for a reason!  But as much of an aversion as I had to it, I kept finding myself on the cloth websites. It ma…