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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

We've MOVED!

Exciting things are happening here at Caffeinated Melly. One of which is a new blogging platform. Blogger has been great, honest! But it is time for something new!
Our new home:
We're still moving in, so bare with us as we haven't finished unpacking and settling in yet. We're still in the process of transferring our content over to our new platform, but ALL OF OUR NEW STUFF WILL BE HERE.

You can still visit this page, it's not going anywhere and I'll have a link set up in the menu bar.

Thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoy the new fun we have in store!
Recent posts

Happy Memorial Day!

{This post contains affiliate links. We will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. Having said that, all the opinions in here are my own.} Happy Memorial Day! 

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend. 
Ours was a quiet one. We had some fun things planned after we found ourselves at the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago. Going down this aisle of patriotic decor, it suddenly felt like summer! I had items jumping in my buggy left and right. 

Of course, that was before the rain hit. And we had to re-write our weekend. It happens. Not to worry, we may revisit this fun stuff for Independence Day!

And while we didn't have a cookout, and our decorations are still on the kitchen table; we didn't let that rain dampen our spirits! 

Pirate had a little fun dressing up as a patriotic little fairy. We got these wings and headband for $1 each at Dollar Tree. 

In the few minutes we had without rain today, we played tag and fell in the wet grass. And if you'…

Top TWO Things We're Bingeing Right Now

This post contains affiliate links. Mr. Incredible works long hours. He kicks butt at work to provide for us, and that is all kinds of awesome! But when he gets home, he's tired and needs to relax. And that's OK.And us, moms? Whether we work outside the home or not, we need a break, too! And that's OK.

It's just necessary to take time to just sit and take a minute or few. And if this can be done while spending some time together, that is awesome. And truth be told, in our house, sometimes that good ol' quality time is spent bingeing a favorite show together. 

And I haven't forgotten the need for the little ones to chill, but that's a different post for a different day. Today, I'm sharing the top two picks that Mr. Incredible and I like to binge-watch, listen to, or read on days where we can find a few minutes to chill.

1. The Flash

Mr. Incredible has been addicted to The Flash lately, and while he's been speeding through it I have kept up enough of the s…

Stuff We're Loving Right Now: Week 2

This post contains affiliate links.
We're back again for another round of Stuff We're Loving Lately! You know the feeling, you've gotten a hold of something awesome, and you love love love it! That's what this little blog series is about; things we've been loving right now. Without further ado, here is our family's list! 1. Friday Ice Cream  I started picking Pirate up after school on Fridays. She gets in the car and I have her favorite song playing on the radio, "Rotten to the Core" from the Descendants soundtrack. She gets buckled and we head to the ice cream shop. This is our newest tradition. And it's a special time. It's a great and yummy way to spend some time with Pirate, make some memories and fill her little heart up with happy feelings. Tootsie Roll is a big fan, as well! Yay, ice cream!🍦

2. DOS Video Games and My Abandonware
Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia?! Space Quest! Duck Tales! Concentration! Avoid the Noid! These were the…

Stuff We're Lovin' Right Now: Week 1

This post contains affiliate links.Have you ever just gotten a hold of something, started enjoying the heck out of it and realized THIS IS INCREDIBLE!?  This post is about a handful of awesome things that we're loving lately. I've asked Pirate for some help making this list. Without further ado, here are the things that our family is loving lately!

Remember, if the words are underlined and light up in a different color, it's an affiliate link - you can use it to jump on over to Amazon and check the product out!

1. Descendants Click here to see this on Amazon!
Oh, we cannot get enough of this movie here! Ask my six year old, and she will tell you that it's the best thing going. The villains from our favorite stories have all been rounded up and banished to their own island; but this isn't their story. It's the story of their children. The son of Belle and the Beast is about to become king and his first royal proclamation is to give the children of the evil villains…

Husband Review: Awesome Wooden Beard Comb

This post contains affiliate links. Last week, Mr. Incredible got a magical 
Amazon Prime box. We live for these boxes, they always hold such treasure. And with free shipping to boot! 

I don't know if you know it, but my husband is one of the trendy beardlovin' men of today. And while he's never been the completely clean-shaven type, the beard has been an adjustment for me. I like to think I'm a cool wife. So imagine my face when I turned the corner a few weeks ago, and saw him brushing his beard with my hairbrush. Oh, I was all kinds of amused.
Something had to be done.
Behold, the Beard Comb!
made and sold by: Gentlemen's Tools
You can click above, or right here, to see this product on Amazon.
The following is Mr. Incredible's Review:
"This little box you see above came to us well packaged to keep its contents safe. The box itself is a good and study and may last for quite a while. But more than that, they actually put thought and creativity into the packaging. 

Have Your Cake & Coffee, Too!

If you didn't know it, Friday was National Coffee Cake day!
You guys, they must've seen me a mile away. I jumped on this holiday like crazy woman! I got what I needed from the grocery store to make Homemade Raspberry Danish. I've had a love affair with Entenmann's danishes for as long as I can remember. And when Google dropped a copycat recipe in my lap, I could practically taste it. WE HAD TO MAKE IT. 

My original plan was to make it early Friday morning, so Pirate and Mr. Incredible could have some for breakfast before work and school. But, Tootsie Roll woke up sick, and this mama doesn't sleep well with a sick baby. Our fresh pastry for breakfast turned into a "Quick! Eat this! We gotta go!" as I handed her a chocolate muffin and cup of coffee.

For us, National Coffee Cake Day simply transformed into Coffee Cake Weekend! 
Okay, I know it's technically not a coffee cake - but always remember: nothing about this blog is, or ever will be, about being per…